How to choose food for aquarium fish?

How to choose food for aquarium fish?

This question can be of interest to both beginners, and advanced aquarists. Although the latter is usually much easier to make a decision because of the knowledge, they have, however, this is the finished number …

Plants for the first aquarium

Plants for the first aquarium.

Live plants are the best aquarium decoration. If they are healthy, they look beautiful, they create hiding places for fish and shrimps and help maintain biological balance. Beginner aquarists can choose plants for their aquarium from the many species available on …

About aquarium filtration

About aquarium filtration.

The heart of every aquarium is the filter. The filter is responsible for proper cleaning and circulation of water in the aquarium. The aquarium as a completely closed ecosystem must be equipped with appropriate filtration. Aquarium filters can be divided into: internal filters and external filters.

Filters …

What size of aquarium to choose?

What size of aquarium to choose?

The next step after choosing a place for the aquarium is choosing the tank itself, i.e. what shape and size it will have. Often the size of the first aquarium is determined by the place, that we have in an apartment or house.

Why do you want an aquarium?

Food for freshwater shrimps

Food for freshwater shrimps.

Dividing dwarf shrimps, large-armed and filtering in a way reflects their food preferences and way of feeding. In general, freshwater crustaceans kept in aquariums can be described as omnivorous, although in relation to many species such a statement can …

How to buy fish?

How to buy fish?

You already have an aquarium set up, it works for some time and then comes the moment of buying fish. Like everyone at this point, you ask yourself some basic questions. What fish? What to look for when buying? How to prepare for shopping?

primary …